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General introduction (Spreadshirt & Shirtee example)

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Frequently asked Questions:

TeeHero is an application that automatically uploads designs. With TeeHero you can automatically upload your designs to various Print on Demand platforms. The designs remain stored locally on your computer all the time and are only uploaded to the platforms you select through our application. You only have to specify the title, description, and keywords once in advance and you can let TeeHero do the rest.

Currently we support Merch by Amazon, Spreadshirt US, Spreadshirt EUROPE, Shirtee, Redbubble and Teespring. At the moment we are working on Kindle Direct Publishing support in TeeHero. However, we are also thinking about other platforms. This is where you are needed. Which platforms are most important to you? Your feedback determines our development!

It’s free. We just launched, so sign up or go directly to our shop and add the TeeHero Beta to your cart!

Yes, as long as you have an account that has beta access. TeeHero runs on all operating systems, whether Windows, Linux or Mac. 

The use of TeeHero is actually quite simple:
1. You load the designs you want to upload into our software
2. You enter the title, description and keywords for the displayed design easily and efficient to multiple designs.
3. You select the TeeHero template you created and the platforms you want to upload to.
4. You let TeeHero upload.


Before you use TeeHero, please make sure that you have installed Google Chrome. We recommend to use one of the latest versions. Afterwards you can simply start the application you have downloaded. In case you have no Java installed we will forward you to the Oracle Website as soon as you start the application. There you can download and install Java. Afterward, TeeHero is ready to use.

As TeeHero offers a variety of possibilities to personalize the upload process respective to your needs, please click here for detailed information about the TeeHero settings.

Error: „TeeHero“ cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. 

or „TeeHero“ cannot be opened because it was not loaded from the App Store.

  1. Open the system settings on your mac
  2. Go to: Security
  3. Right to the selection „Allow apps download from“ should be a button called „Open nevertheless“
  4. If you have clicked on this button, another popup will open and ask if you want to open TeeHero